Our History

Brian Anderson founded Federal Towing and Car Care in 1986 while working for Federal Texaco in Danbury. His first tow trucks were a used 1973 Ford Wrecker and a 1979 Ford flatbed.

He envisioned providing quality towing services to the greater Danbury community and moved out on his own to Coal Pit Hill Road in Danbury. Federal Towing and Car Care grew and prospered through the late 1980s allowing Federal Towing to expand to include an automobile repair business. A short time after, Brian decided to move the business to a centralized location off Federal Road.

In 1991, Brian purchased the current building at 272 White Street. This new location was a bold move. Federal now had a larger space to expand its quality service. Brian was determined to cultivate a reputation for quality above that of his competitors. Federal has continued to grow since its beginning in 1986. Brian Anderson has been at the forefront of the local community, providing the best quality repair and towing service in Danbury.

Drop by our White Street location and chat with Brian and his knowledgeable team of car care service professionals about your vehicle’s specific needs. We are ready to show you what car care should be!

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